Amazing, diverse and unique herpetofauna

  • Tuatara
  • Three species of endemic frogs
  • Over 100 species of geckos and skinks
Plus many other opportunities to see unique wildlife such as kiwi, alpine parrots, albatross, penguins and marine mammals.

Local Organising Committee

Prof Phil Bishop, University of Otago, Conference Director
Adria Rae Abigail Eda, University of Otago, Student convenor
Debbie Bishop, University of Otago, Social convenor 
Dr Stephanie Godfrey, University of Otago, Scientific Programme convenor
Dr Fátima Jorge, University of Otago, Student convenor
Dr Jo Monks, Department of Conservation
Assoc Prof Nicola Nelson, Victoria University of Wellington     
Dr James Reardon, Department of Conservation
Prof Graham Wallis, University of Otago         
Sally Wren, University of Otago
Terri Lowsley, Conference Innovators
Kate Howden, Conference Innovators

Scientific Organising Committee

Dr Evy Arida, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Prof Aaron Bauer, Villanova University
Dr Deborah Bower, University of New England
Assoc Prof Dave Chapple, Monash University
Dr Claudia Corti, Università Degli Studi Di Firenze
Assoc Prof Andrew Crawford, Universidad de los Andes
Prof Alison Cree, University of Otago
Dr Mathieu Denoël, University of Liege - FNRS
Dr Tiffany Doan, New College of Florida
Prof Trent Garner, Zoological Society of London
Prof Wen-san Huang, National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
Prof Tracy Langkilde, Pennsylvania State University
Assoc Prof David Lesbarrères, Laurentian University
Dr Anita Malhotra, Bangor University
Prof Shai Meiri, Tel Aviv University
Dr Jeanine Refsnider, University of Toledo
Dr Dennis Rödder, Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig
Dr Weronika Rupik, University of Silesia
Dr Ruchira Somaweera, CSIRO
Dr Moacir Tinoco, Universidade Católica do Salvador
Prof Oguz Türkozan, Adnan Menderes University
Dr Anamarija Žagar, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia


Please click here to complete a brief survey on the impact on mini-hydro power plants on biodiversity.

Contact the event manager

Terri Lowsley
Conference Innovators
T: +64 27 2468 616

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