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Public Transport
On arrival at Hamilton Airport you will find a choice of transport options to get you to your destination. The airport is located on State Highway 21 about 20 minutes south of Hamilton City's CBD. Taxis and shuttles are located at the terminal front.


Air New Zealand
If you wish to book Domestic travel to Hamilton for the conference, please click the Air New Zealand logo.

Book a rental car
Click here to view an extensive range of rental cars and shuttles available to be booked when you are in Hamilton attending the PMAANZ conference.


Auckland to Hamilton
Air NZ no longer operates an air service Aucland to Hamilton. However there are bus services available with InterCity.
Buses to Hamilton depart from the main InterCity SkyCity Terminal at 102 Hobson Street as well as from Manukau City. The bus from Auckland to Hamilton takes approximately 2 hours and arrives at Platforms A-D, Hamilton Transport Centre, corner of Bryce and Angelsea Streets.


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